LESSON PLANS FOR TEACHERS BY TEACHERS created to empower students to reach their full potential

This resource is everything I need for my class!
J. Wintergalen
Great product! Very helpful as a supplement to my VFS unit.
Michelle Walerysiak
Just purchased this. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It comes with a teacher's guide, worksheets, self checking smartboard activities. It is very comprehensive. I work with Resource Room students k - 5 and also cover classes for teacher's preps. I am always looking for something complete. THIS IS IT. I have used other software and thought wow I wish there was a teacher's guide or I wish I could find the right worksheet/classwork sheet/homework to go with this. THIS HAS IT right in the app. Planning on buying more!
Fabulous Product! PS 36 Queens K - 5 Resource Room Sharon Ring
Great resource that addresses all the areas of nutrition and taking care of the body, something teens sure need to be reminded about :)
A great resource that made teaching science a breeze!
Tegan Jaszczyszyn